KAKEAIは、「現場における日常のピープルマネジメントの実態を変えること」にフォーカスした、これまでに無いCloud systemです。


Releasing beta version of KAKEAI service


We have released the beta version of the KAKEAI system before the official launch which is scheduled in late summer or early autumn of 2019.
The main purpose of releasing the beta version at this stage is to let our clients become a tester of the product, giving feedback to our technical team to make improvements. This also allows clients to actually experience the difference of using the system itself. Thus we had provided our beta version to a certain number of clients who agreed on our terms for free at this stage.

KAKEAI is a new AI cloud system that focuses on improving the people management environment in workplaces. It combines brain science and cutting edge technology to open the black box of people management and make a difference. By doing so, this allows for better working performance and improves employee retention rates at the same time.

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